About NSF

Definition of Forces:

A regular security body with a military nature, structured with field formations and battalions, and its function is limited to defending the homeland, serving the people, protecting society and ensuring the maintenance of security and public order. It performs its duty within the limits set by law which include respect for human rights and public freedoms, and is directly under the command of the President, the Supreme Commander of the Palestinian Security Forces.


 Distinguished national security forces at the local, regional and international levels through active participation in the security partnership with the countries of the region and the world, to be able to maintain security and safety for the Palestinian citizen

National Security Forces message:

Continuing to strengthen the rule of law and enshrine the principles of respect for public and private freedoms and respect for human rights through building a security doctrine to implement best practices by relying on distinguished human and knowledge resources using the best techniques and modern technology to serve field operations despite Israeli practices and obstacles.